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Printing changed the world. Learn how by taking one of our exciting tours that offer a hands-on education.

Great for groups and curious individuals.

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Demonstrating the inventions and methods of Johannes Gutenberg: type casting, printing of the first book (the Bible in 42 lines), and the most comprehensive working Gutenberg press in the world!

Runtime: 1hr

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Ben Franklin

This tour covers Franklin’s life, his career in printing, the Poor Richard’s Almanac and his involvement with the Revolutionary war and foundation of the United States of America. A demonstration of the printing of the Declaration of Independence is also included, with a copy you can keep!

Runtime: 1hr

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Book of Mormon

Discussing the history of printing the Book of Mormon on the then new Acorn Press, how printer's manuscripts work, and book binding. Also includes the discussion of how fonts have changed throughout the years.


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This tour is the most comprehensive. It covers Gutenberg, Ben Franklin, the Book of Mormon, and the Linotype.  

Runtime: 1hr 45m.

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