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Become an Intern

Here at the Crandall we help guests learn history through famous printers and the process of printing.

If you are interested in an internship, head to this link and fill in the form or contact us at the email below.

If you are a history major, this internship opportunity will help you learn how to connect with people when you share history. Each guest is different and needs different attention. History is fun, but many do not view it as such, and it is our responsibility to bring history to others in a fun way.

If you are a design major who uses typography, this internship will provide you with many rules and insights on how to utilize typefaces in the composition of your words. The historical aspect of typography is crucial to how we use it now.

If you are an education major, this internship will show you the way to connecting with people of all ages, and the use of artifacts in teaching. Every learner has different learning styles, and they are all used here at the museum. 

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